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James Corscaden (Shipping) & Co. Est 1830

James Corscaden was born in Derry in 1808. The family's grocery business was situated at the bottom of Shipquay Street. At the age of 18, his father died and James inherited and promptly sold the shop and went into business (there was already a family connection) with a local shipping company , the McCorkell Line. James eventually formed his own line and purchased 2 Barques, and his ships went on to carry thousands of emigrants from Londonderry to Philadelphia, New York and St John, New Brunswick in the mid 19th century. On 21st February 1834 , due to his links, James was appointed "United States Consul" and served in this role until 1841.

James died his home Boom Hall (now a ruin, situated at the city end of the Foyle bridge) in 1888.

James and Fanny (Gallagher) on their Marriage, 3 July 1841

Portrait of James Corscaden as Chairman of the Port of Londonderry

A transcript of the Barque "Creole" manifest

18th July 1850 at the Port of Philadelphia

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